Blue Buchanan is an Army National Guard officer with more than 25 years (15+ Active and 10+ Reserve) of service in the United States Marine Corps, Army National Guard, and Army Reserve.  He has served overseas in the Balkans, Africa, The Middle East, the Persian Gulf, and Central Asia.  Blue is an avid student and professional instructor of armed and unarmed combatives.  He spends a lot of time and money traveling to and attending the latest armed and unarmed training courses from the most relevant instructors and methods he can find and he brings that high quality instruction back to you to enable you to protect your family, home, and life.  He is eager to meet you and invites you to attend a Bedlam Tactical training course very soon.

Oklahoma OSBI/CLEET Concealed Handgun License Instructor
​NRA Chief Range Safety Officer
NRA Basic Pistol Instructor
NRA Personal Protection Inside the Home Instructor
NRA Personal Protection Outside the Home Instructor
NRA Defensive Pistol Instructor
NRA Refuse To Be A Victim Instructor
NRA Law Enforcement Pistol/Shotgun Instructor
​NRA Law Enforcement Patrol Rifle Instructor
​Suarez International Combat Rifle Instructor Course
​Suarez International Combat Pistol Instructor Course
​Crossfit Level 1 Certificate