Bedlam Tactical First-Aid:  Your first-aid skills allow you to render aid to yourself or others.  The ability to heal is an ethically necessary balance to the ability to do harm.  First-aid skills are more likely to be used for the benefit of  your loved ones than your self-defense skills.

Bedlam Tactical Shotgun:  Your shotgun might be the best choice for self-defense in and around your home.  It's power and presence make you more than a match for prowlers, burglars, and home  invaders.

Bedlam Tactical Knife:  Your fighting knife is your back-up tool to your firearm and your primary self defense  tool in that most dangerous of places; The Gun Free Zone.

Bedlam Tactical Unarmed Combat:  Your unarmed combat skills allow you to gain advantage and create space to give you time to escape assault or access and employ your self defense tools in extreme close quarters confrontations.

Bedlam Tactical Pistol: Your pistol is your primary self defense tool.  It's portability and concealability make the pistol ideally suited to even the odds when you are confronted with crime and violence.

Bedlam Tactical Force on Force:  Sh‚Äčooting targets and hitting pads is all well and good; you gotta' learn the techniques and how to run your gun.  But you have to know your training is worth a damn and that your self-defense plan is based in reality.  Any program not tested under stress is of dubious value.  At Bedlam Tactical, Force-on-Force training is our lab to test your plan under fire, to instill confidence in your skills, and to inoculate you against the stress of mortal combat.

Bedlam Tactical Fitness:  Your fitness is the foundation of your ability to avoid becoming a victim and to protect the ones you love.  A strong physique and confident manner make you a hard target. Perseverance in fitness will lend you tenacity in tough situations.

Bedlam Tactical Rifle:  Your rifle is the guarantor of your rights and of your freedom.  Skill with the rifle is the epitome of skill at arms and allows you to resist criminal force in all its  forms.